Sunday, April 19, 2015

The most delicious sweet potatoes

Ok so this just happened and it was awesome.

I have always hated cooked orange vegetables. Give me a grated carrot any day of the week but cook it in any way and I won't touch it. I've had friends and family try to convince me by making them with sesame seeds and honey (so gross). 

Same goes for pumpkin and sweet potato. So it astounds me that I found 4 sweet potatoes in the fridge. They must have been selling at a great price or the fairies magic'd them in or something. 

Since so many people rave about them, I thought I'd give them another go. And if I didn't like them well I'd never put myself through it again! 

Sweet potatoes are now going to be a regular at our house. I feel like giving myself a bit of a slap for dissing them for so long. What an idiot!!  

Here's how I converted myself to a card-carrying sweet potato lover. I sliced one sweet potato into rounds and placed them into a large bowl. Was still not loving them at this stage. Even though they were begging me to. 

Then I added some olive oil, dried thyme, flaky sea salt and garlic cloves that were finely (ok, not that finely) diced. Using my hands I mixed it all together making sure I coated the sweet potato well. 

Then I laid the pieces of sweet potato on a baking tray lined with baking paper and baked them in the oven (200 degrees Celsius) for 30 minutes or so - until they were brown around the edges and soft when I poked them with a fork. 

Then I tried one. And they were outstanding! So so so so good that I ate the entire sweet potato. I drizzled some tahini lemon sauce I made earlier all over them and it was a match made in heaven. 

So good were they that I pulled another two sweet potatoes out of the fridge and made another batch which I will eat for lunch this week.  I'm cooking up a big batch of black beans which will go nicely with the sweet potato and tahini lemon sauce. 

So if you think you don't like sweet potatoes, give them another go.

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