Sunday, February 23, 2014

Eating too much

I've eaten too much today.  We went to a friend's house for a birthday lunch and I overate.  I've noticed that in just two short weeks, my stomach seems to have shrunk.  I actually feel much fuller after eating a big meal.  Normally I would have felt full but then would have come home and had something for dinner as well.

There will be no dinner for me tonight.  Just a cup of tea or coffee if I can fit in it.

I hate overeating.

This morning though, knowing that we were going for lunch, I ate my normal breakfast of Special K and banana.  Then I exercised for 20 minutes (running for 10 minutes) and burned off 188 calories.

For lunch I ate roast chicken breast, roast lamb, roast potatoes, steamed beans, asparagus and carrots.  All with gravy (of course).  The lunch probably wasn't too bad.  It was probably the same amount that I would have eaten (now) for lunch and dinner.

Where I went wrong was the sweet stuff.  I ate a piece of orange cake and a piece of lemon slice.  I also had some custard, blueberries and figs.  Oh my gosh, fresh figs!!! Fresh figs are amazing!  It is the first time that I have ever tried them and for those that haven't had them, I can't describe how deliciously soft and sweet these little morsels from heaven are.

I also had two glasses of wine - which probably contributed to the over eating because I let my guard down.

I'm too tired to write much more.  It's only 6pm and I'm desperately waiting for my almost four year old to finish eating so that I can get her to bed and then I can get some much needed sleep!  

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