Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tuesday 11 February 2014 Meal Plan - 1360 calories


I'm pretty boring when it comes to breakfast.  I don't have a lot of time in the morning so I like to eat something that doesn't take very long to prepare.  Hence cold cereal.  In the cooler months, I usually switch to quick oats in the microwave.

A few months ago, I discovered 'bobby calves' - which are calves born to dairy cows (who need to be pregnant to produce milk).  The calves are taken away from their mom almost immediately after birth and transported (usually) to an abattoir and made into dog food (amongst other things).  There are millions of bobby calves slaughtered each year so that we can drink milk.

I did some google searching and emailed a few smaller dairy farms in Australia and found a couple that don't slaughter their bobby calves immediately after birth.  Barambah Organics is a company based in Brisbane that sources its fresh organic milk from its own farm at Glenarbon, situated on the Dumaresq River, on the NSW/QLD border and they don't send their bobby calves to the abattoir.  And the milk is unhomogenised.  Cream top people, cream top!  By the way, I wasn't perked or paid by Barambah Organics, I'm just a happy, loyal and vocal customer!


Lunch this week was a a very simple and easy affair.  I went to the supermarket on Monday and stocked up on spinach and rocket leaves, 2 carrots, 1 cucumber and small tins of tuna.  I also grabbed some grainy breadrolls.  Then, each day at lunchtime, I used a quarter of the ingredients to prepare a delicious and healthy salad.  I only work four days a week, so that worked out great for me.


As I said in my first progress post, I ate eggs on toast for dinner.  So I knew that fats and oils had a lot of calories - I didn't realise quite how many!  I haven't buttered my toast or bread since Tuesday, once I discovered how many extra calories it was adding to my day.


As I said in my first progress post, the treadmill finally got some use after sitting mostly dormant for almost a year.  It was just 15 minutes walking on an incline.  I'm not sure that the km/hour that I've entered into calorieking is correct - but the calories are about right (based on what the treadmill calculated for me).  My plan here is to exercise at least four days a week, building to 30 minutes running.  Ultimately I'd like to do something every day but it's important that I start slowly to avoid injury.  Plus it makes it easier to commit to doing it if I know that I don't have to slug it out for 30 minutes straight away.

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